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Fall Hazard Assessment


Construction Administration



Evaluation of Corporate
Fall Protection Programs

OSHA’s Voluntary Protection
Program (VPP) Consultation


Fall Hazard Assessment

Our staff will conduct an on-site evaluation of your facility to identify potential fall hazards. We review your personnel’s typical work tasks performed, frequency, mobility and accessibility requirements to identify current workflow.

The goal of the Assessment is to identify, analyze potential fall hazards and to recommend practical, functional solutions.

The Assessment provides our clients with a general overview of any fall hazard risks identified and recommends practical solutions, with options for varying needs, for each type of hazard.

We deliver a Fall Hazard Assessment Report incorporating our observations (along with photographs documenting the hazard), level of risk for regulatory compliance with Fall Protection Standards and functional recommendations to address the identified hazards. Our recommendations are always cost-effective, aligned with company policies, OSHA/ANSI compliant and independent of fall protection manufacturer’s biases. In some cases, we include a choice of options for your consideration, depending on your needs and budget.

Next steps: Prioritized Remediation Action Plan

After reviewing the Fall Hazard Risk Assessment Report with your staff, a Remediation Action Plan is developed according to your company’s priorities. This plan details the priority of each fall hazard, remediation solution agreed, resources responsible for implementation (internal/external), dependencies and expected timeline to complete. In some cases, several remediation phases are identified, depending on the level of risk identified, current/planned improvement projects and other priorities.