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Fall Hazard Assessment


Construction Administration



Evaluation of Corporate
Fall Protection Programs

OSHA’s Voluntary Protection
Program (VPP) Consultation


Design Engineering

We specialize in engineered solutions to fall hazard risks, especially where off-the-shelf fall protection systems may not meet your needs. Our goal is to eliminate the fall hazards, first, through modifications to process/workflows, and then via implementing engineering controls to “engineer out the hazard”. If that is not feasible, we utilize passive systems such as guardrails, mezzanines and catwalks. Lastly, we implement anchor points, horizontal lifeline systems along with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Our team of professionals, including Structural/Professional Engineers and Fall Protection system designers, works with your Safety and Facilities personnel to remediate your fall hazards, design/ implement your fall protection systems and ensure that they are fully integrated with other facility systems and workflows.

We provide the structural engineering analysis required for Fall Protection Systems to ensure that the structure can accommodate the potential dynamic loads. We design the Fall Protection System according to your application’s needs and OSHA requirements. Our Structural Engineers provide engineering analysis for Anchor Points and Horizontal Lifeline Systems to determine the requirements and deliver stamped Engineering drawings for the new Fall Protection systems. Our staff can provide Construction Administrative services to ensure that your fall protection system has been installed as designed.

The typical Engineered Solutions include:

  • Anchor Points

  • Guardrail Systems

  • Horizontal Lifeline Systems

  • Process Equipment Design Modifications

  • Elevated Work Platforms

  • Access Ladders

  • Our teams of professionals work closely with your Safety, Facilities and Engineering personnel to provide practical remediation solutions that ensure a safer work environment and limit your liability exposure.